Dec 20

Systems And Client Appreciation

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Scotty has found a way to help LO’s close 5 more loans a month and would love to share with you. Visit 5 More Loans and book your appointment now! Today we are going to talk about systems, why you need them, and how to implement client appreciation plans.

To start, let’s talk about why you need a system:

A system creates a better experience for you and your clients. This allows you to leverage your time so that you can spend it on money-making activities. For the most part, the Real Estate transaction process is the same, just different people and properties. This is why systems are relatively easy to implement. 

Before you had systems, your career probably looked a lot like the following description. You have leads, but they are scattered and you are unsure of who you need to follow up with. You’re going to listing appointments, but you are winging it and hoping you are hired based on your personality. More than likely, your inbox is overflowing and you aren’t sure of all the deadlines you need to remember. After you close, you never contact your client again. You’re feeling like you’ve hit a wall because you love taking on more clients but aren’t sure if you can handle any more without dropping the ball or getting burnt out. 

After you implement systems, your career probably looks a lot like the following description. You know exactly who you need to follow up with and you never lose a lead again. You’ve created an amazing client experience that is bringing in five star reviews all the time. You have a clear value proposition for why clients should hire you versus your competition. Your clients are telling their friends and family they must use you, even if you worked with them months or even years ago. You have the capacity to handle 10-20 more clients, easily, without sacrificing service or your sanity. 

Why do you need a system? Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Have I done this task 3+ times in the past year and/or does this task get done with every transaction? 
  • Is this a task I can train someone else to do?
  • Do I personally need to do this task? 
  • Could someone else do this task better than me? 
  • About 80% of your business is repetitive 
The key component is thinking about what your weakness is and then finding someone who is the opposite. 
At this point, you may be telling yourself that you can’t hand any task off to someone else. This is what we call the first mindset block. Your clients want you because you provide an incredible experience, with the quality and service. When you have an assistant who can take on other supporting roles, this will only enhance the service you provide to your clients. 

Let’s talk about a series of systems that you should be using:

Attract: Have a new prospect reach out to you. Use a Lead Generating System to consistently bring in new leads. 
Engage: Give your client an irresistible offer to get them to work with you (goal: signed agreement). Use a Lead Conversion System to consistently convert leads to clients. 

Delight: Deliver an amazing client experience to create a raving fan. Use a Contact to Close System to provide a high quality service and customer experience. 

Retain: Keep in touch with your client so that they do not forget about you and will refer you to their friends, family, and coworkers. Have a Client Appreciation Plan in place to consistently generate referrals from past clients. 

What is a system? 

A system is a set of repeatable procedures or processes that includes Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), Templates 
You have a system if: 

You have a successful, consistent, repeatable process on every transaction 
If you or a team member were hit by a bus, someone could take your system and not start from scratch i.e. Plug and Play 

Your annual client appreciation plan:

Treat this as a lead generation system. This is relatively easy to implement and will guarantee referrals. 
What is a client appreciation plan? 
A client appreciation plan is an annual plan for keeping in touch (and top of mind) with your clients. It is proven to be one of the best lead generation strategies for top agents. If you are going to be spending money on marketing anyway, spend it on people who already know, like, and trust you. It is one of the 4 key systems and it is also the first lead generation system you will put into place. 

Client Appreciation Plan structure:

1-3 larger, client appreciation events. Typically in the spring, summer, and fall. Event at a brewery/winery, Thanksgiving pie, etc. This gives you a reason to call your client 
Supplement with pop-bys; drop off a small gift with a cheesy tag line 
Supplement with mini-cae (client appreciation event). Host a virtual event where you give out Starbucks gift cards and have them tag you in a post. 

Client appreciation plan (example): 

April – spring winery event at a winery 
August – Summer bbq event at a park 
November – Thanksgiving Pie Event at the office 
February – I love you a latte Starbucks event (virtual) 
June 5th – National Donut Day (free donuts) 
October – You’ve been boo’d (pop by) pumpkin carving contest 

You can do more or less, just plan it out for the year and adjust the events accordingly to your budget.