Dec 20

Real Estate Business Plan 2023

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On today’s episode (linked here) on Fresh Agent Mastermind, Scott Hudspeth and Peggy Yee will be sharing how to create a Real Estate business plan for 2023.

Peggy is a licensed broker from Virginia that now resides in Hawaii. Peggy has been in the Real Estate industry for 10 years and has sold over 100 million in sales. She has a PHD in Civil Engineering from Stanford University, which is where she discovered her love for systems. In October of 2021, Peggy stepped out of production and pursued her love of systems by creating Citrus Templates. 
Citrus Templates was designed to help you grow your business through Real Estate systems. 
Let’s talk about a series of systems that you should be using:

Attract: Have a new prospect reach out to you. Use a Lead Generating System to consistently bring in new leads. 
Engage: Give your client an irresistible offer to get them to work with you (goal: signed agreement). Use a Lead Conversion System to consistently convert leads to clients. 
Delight: Deliver an amazing client experience to create a raving fan. Use a Contact to Close System to provide a high quality service and customer experience. 
Retain: Keep in touch with your client so that they do not forget about you and will refer you to their friends, family, and coworkers. Have a Client Appreciation Plan in place to consistently generate referrals from past clients. 
How Real Estate Lead Generation Works: 

  • Leads 
  • Set Appointments 
  • Met Appointments 
  • Signed clients 
  • Sold
  • Repeat customers and referrals. 
What is your conversion rate on the list above? Maybe you’re getting leads but can not convert them to a solid client. This is where it becomes an issue. If you can’t convert a client, then what is the point? 
Your conversion rate tells you exactly where you need to improve in your business. How can you better each scenario? 
Set an annual goal and use conversion rates to work backwards to figure out your annual targets. Break them down in monthly and/or weekly goals so that they feel attainable. 
The Magical number: 

The magical number is the number of calls it takes to have a conversion turn into a win.
If this feels overwhelming, start with your leads to closings. You don’t have to do everything at once. After all, starting somewhere is better than nothing and you can always add improvements as time goes on. 
You may not know your conversion rate – that’s okay! Track your conversion rates for at least three months and then revisit your rates. Commit to your goals, write them down, and place it where you can see them everyday. 
Onto the big question: how do you actually track these rates and set it up? 
This is where Citrus Templates comes into play.

The Real Estate Business Plan Template is designed to help you with virtually everything. First, you will enter in your conversion rates. If you are unsure, estimate the best you can. The rest is done for you. The sheet will calculate your conversion rates, how much you made, etc. It’s as simple as plugging in your numbers and the sheet will do the rest of the work for you.
Next, you will enter in what went well in your business as well as what you would like to improve on.
You can also plan the next year: how many weeks you will work (that effects your numbers), what your top 3 business goals are, etc. 
Food for thought:

If you focus on those that know, like, and trust you, your conversion rate will go up. For every 1 referral there are 25 opportunities with their friends, family, and coworkers. This is much easier than taking a cold to warm! 
The last part of the sheet is your goal breakdown. How can you achieve your three goals? Brainstorm and come up with ways to get there that are attainable.
The Lead Generation Tracker

Much like the first template, you will enter in your leads and it will generate your numbers for you. The key here is making sure to enter in your leads every week. From there, they will be broken down by each lead source (Facebook, client referrals, etc).
How many buyers did you set an appointment with this week? The template will calculate conversion ratios, all you have to do is enter it in. 
You will also have a dashboard that shows you your goals, tracks your leads, and conversions. 
In addition, there are buyer and seller funnels that break it down further for you. 
How do you purchase the templates? 
The Business Tracker Template is $7.00 USD and the Lead Tracker Template is $9.50 USD. These are available to purchase through scanning the QR code in the video or by clicking here. 
These are available as Google sheets, all you will need to do is download and copy it to your account. You can access them from anywhere, making it the ideal tool to use to track your business ventures no matter where you are.
For less than $20 USD, you can have access to templates that will change the way you do business. What are you waiting for?
Let’s work together to make 2023 your best year yet. Head over to and click on “Work with Scotty” to get started!